Permanent Dock Installation West Michigan

Permanent Dock Installation: How to Build Your Own Floating Raft

Escape the Curse of Temporary Docking

A dock is a great addition to any home. It can provide you with access to the water, while also adding value and beauty to your property. But what if you do not have room for an expensive Permanent Dock Installation West Michigan? Fortunately there are alternatives! A floating raft can be used as a more affordable alternative, and they are surprisingly easy to install on your own without professional help. Follow these steps below for instructions on how to build it yourself!

Use a tape measure to determine the length and width of your raft. It should be at least two feet longer than you are tall, and about three times as long as it is wide (the wider the better). You can also add extra lengths on each side for even more space if desired. Since its important that people have room to move around comfortably when using your dock, we recommend creating an eight foot by sixteen foot area. This will provide enough room for several adults or children to stand up on with ease!

Permanent Dock Installation West Michigan

Also, don’t forget to leave extra room for your ladder. You will need at least two feet of space for this, so make sure to leave enough room on the edges if you plan to use a larger raft!

Once you have determined the measurements that are best suited for your needs, it is time to cut away with some saws. If possible try using an electric power saw as they can be easier and faster than hand tools. Make sure not to rush through these steps though, since cutting beyond what is needed could result in having too short or narrow of a dock later on! Using your tape measure again, mark out where each side of your dock ends along the edge of the board being used as its base.

Using construction adhesive, attach PVC piping along one edge of your frame. Once all four sides are secured with pipe clamps, flip the frame over so the open end faces down into water.

Finally, you can fill your frame with water. This will provide the extra weight needed to keep it in place on windy days, and also make sure its steady enough for people to stand on!

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