Best DJ Speakers For The Money

Understanding the Different Types of DJ Speakers

The Ultimate Guide to DJ Speakers: The Best Brands, Features, Prices etc.

Whether you’re a DJ, producer or music enthusiast, it’s hard to find the best DJ speakers for the money. There are many brands and features that come into play when deciding which one is right for you.

There are active and passive models. The main difference between active and passive models is that an active speaker has amplification built in; where as a passive model requires external power to work. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to purchase your own amplifier though because some brands make powered versions which still require less equipment than their regular counterparts (which are usually passive).

Also, when it comes to the size of a speaker, you have your choice between full range and subwoofer. Full-range speakers are basically mid/high models which don’t contain much bass oomph in them. Subwoofers obviously can handle low frequencies better than regular active speakers thus giving the DJ more control over their mixes .

Best DJ Speakers For The Money

The last thing you need to think about is where you plan on placing these bad boys? You may want a pair for your home studio or maybe just one for small gigs at local clubs , but either way there’s something out there that will fit all budgets and performance needs.

When it comes to the most important part, the sound quality and performance is all that matters. That’s why some of the top brands include Yamaha, JBL and Pioneer.

These speakers are guaranteed to last a really long time with their rugged build quality and lifetime warranties that come standard on select models .

For those looking for something more compact there’s the KRK RP Series which is an excellent mid-level option. There’s also plenty of choices from Mackie who have been around since 1988 as well as QSC Audio, one of the most respected companies in professional audio gear manufacturing today! In fact , they even offer various bundles so you can save money by purchasing everything you need all at once instead having to search online or through catalogs over and over again before finding what you’re looking for!

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