How to Protect Yourself from Asbestos & Other Hazardous Materials

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Asbestos is a type of naturally occurring mineral that was mined and used in many industries because it has excellent insulating properties. In the past, asbestos was used as insulation for buildings, brake pads for cars, roofing shingles, and cement additives. However, since 1971 when the EPA issued guidelines cautioning people about the dangers of exposure to asbestos fibers from these products – which can cause lung cancer and mesothelioma if inhaled – there has been a steady decline in its use. Asbestos still exists in older homes built before 1980 or buildings that have undergone renovations before 2000 where it may be found in deteriorating materials such as ceiling tiles or floor tiles that contain vermiculite insulation (a material known to contain asbestos). With the help of Santa Cruz Asbestos Testing you can know if your house is safe for future.

The first thing every homeowner should do when they get ready to renovate their home, is check for asbestos. If the material containing asbestos has been disturbed in some way (i.e., drilled or sanded) it can release fibers into the air and expose you to them. This means if your attic insulation contains vermiculite – which was mined near Libby, Montana and distributed across North America from 1920-1990s, it likely contains asbestos and may need to be removed by a professional contractor who specializes in this type of work.

Santa Cruz Asbestos Testing

No matter what kind of renovations you are planning on doing around your house remember that safety first begins with protecting yourself against exposure to hazardous materials such as asbestos because once its fibers enter your lungs you cannot remove them! Asbestos can remain in your lungs for 30-40 years before they cause any health problems. For example, if you are planning to remove the insulation from an attic make sure to wear a respirator mask because inhaling asbestos fibers can cause lung cancer and mesothelioma – which is incurable!

Asbestos exposure also puts people at risk for asbestosis, another deadly condition that causes scarring on the lungs making it difficult to breathe. The best way homeowners should protect themselves against these diseases is by hiring professional contractors who have experience working with hazardous materials such as asbestos. If you’re thinking of doing renovations yourself then always remember to use extreme caution when handling raw materials or products containing them! When possible store all vermiculite insulation in air tight containers in a dry area (i.e., garage) until you are ready to remove it and never sweep or vacuum asbestos material – always wet them down before cleaning up!

Remember, when renovating your home safety should be the number one priority because the cost of getting sick from exposure to hazardous materials like asbestos is much greater than hiring professional contractors who know how best to protect themselves while doing their job!

How to Protect Yourself from Asbestos & Other Hazardous Materials
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